Tabarestan FaraSanat Complex


Mohammad-Ali Golestani
Mohammad-Ali Golestani
The chief of the board of directors
Mechanical engineer (B.S), graduated from Amirkabir, A member of the board of directors and managing director of Tabarestan Plastic complex University of Technology with over 30 years work experience in industrial activities and with over 25 years work experience in the rotomolding industry
Ali-Reza Mobarrez
Ali-Reza Mobarrez
member of the board of directors
Financier (B.S), graduated from Mazandaran University, with more than 30 years work experience in financial activities
Financial manager of Tabarestan Steel Foundry
Seyyed Sadegh Sahraie
Seyyed Sadegh Sahraie
Managing Director

Electronic engineer (B.S), graduated from Iran University of Science and Technology, Human Resource Management (Professional Certificate), graduated from Luleå University of Technology, Luleå, Sweden
Technical Manager of Tabarestan Plastic complex
Managing director of Tabarestan Farasanat Complex

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