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Advantages and Limitations

Like all other technologies to form plastics, this industry also has its advantages and limitations. One of the most advantages of this industry can be found in the design area. Through a suitable design a segment – which must be produce with other processes by producing and montaging some pieces – can be manufactured much cheaper through a single piece. The products manufactured through this process have got some qualities naturally such as convergence of wall thickness, high stiffness of angles.

 Moreover, while designing products, some ribs can be used to increase stiffness of the end product. One of the other important advantages of this industry is to add some segments like metal threads or pipes and even plastic pieces with a different color from the product to the mold before the production process begins. These pieces form the main parts of the product in the end of production process.

The other advantages of this industry are:  Using the primary mold manufactured for laboratorial uses.
Manufacturing products with the least wastages
Manufacturing complicated shapes with least cost
Producing double walled and multiple layer products
Using several molds simultaneously during the production process
Opening and closing molds easily
Manufacturing products with high quality on surface
Manufacturing convergent plastic products without any welding line
Manufacturing plastic segments with high resistance to strokes and corrosion
 Adjusting the thickness of different parts of a product
Manufacturing segments with completely uniform thickness
Manufacturing various products from 500gr to 500kg and more
Manufacturing molds within a short time
Economical manufacture of products in a low issue


In addition to the given advantages, this technology has some limitations. One of the limitations which exist in this technology because of molding in a low pressure is that manufacturing products with great flat surface is impossible. The form of these surfaces will change after the production process finishes. The other limitation is that manufacturing with sharp parts like sharp threads is impossible, while these parts can be easily manufactured with an industry like Injection Molding. On the other hand, the production process in this industry is long and time-consuming in comparison with other plastic industries, and also the whole mold must be cooled to take the product out of the mold. These factors cause financial and environmental costs to increase.

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