Tabarestan FaraSanat Complex

Farasanat pulverizer

Farasanat pulverizer machine for rotational molding is designed and developed for the pulverization of various types of polyethylene granules such as HDPE, MDPE and LLDPE and other thermoplastics into rotomolding powders.
The granule-shaped or recycled material is placed into a storage bin and fed to the Disc Mill by a vibratory feeder. Pulverization of the feed material takes place between the serrated grinding elements of a stationary and a rotating disc. 
The material is sucked out of the mill by a fan and then conveyed to a cyclone. A rotary air lock discharges the powder onto a special screening machine. Any resulting oversized particles are returned automatically to the mill for re-pulverization.

Advantages & Features
- Constant powder quality for highest demands
- Quality powders with excellent characteristics, high bulk density and uniform particle size
- Optimum material distribution even in complicated molds
- Material and weight saving due to uniform wall thickness
- Uniform molding cycles ensure constant quality of the molded parts
- High throughput Capacity at low specific power requirements
- Easy access for maintenance and wear part change

Technical Specifications

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