Tabarestan FaraSanat Complex

Farasanat pulverizer


Farasanat pulverizer is available for producing powder specialized for rotational molding technology from different types of thermoplastics such as high-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene, medium-density polyethylene and etc.
Raw material will guide into pulverizers discs through vibrating feeder as granule or regrind.
These pulverizers come with automatic feeding system which stops the material flow when the heat rises in order to prevent regrinded material.
The powdered raw material will carry through discs by blowers then they will evacuate from sieving system.
Particles with greater size than the standard powder size will automatically go back to regrind cycle.


Specifications and features:
- High quality of final product
- Shorter molding cycle
- Minimum amount of waste
- High efficiency
- Easy installation and maintenance


Technical Specifications:

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