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Rotational Molding Machine of FARASANAT

The technology used to manufacture rotational molding machines of Farasanat corresponds to the latest world progresses and standards.
The suitable and effective air-circulating system used in these machines will make it possible to produce kinds of the products with different sizes and shapes for honourable customers. By using these machines, kinds of polymers available in the market including polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, polyamide and cross-linkable polyethylene can be molded. The control system of machine which is designed automatically will make it possible for producers to use the time best, reach the highest level of efficiency, and their shapes and dimensions allow them to use the most space. As the oven of these machines is designed moveably, they can be equipped by 2, 4 and 6 arms or more. Evidently the mobility of these ovens and using more than 2 arms help the wasted time reach the least level between production cycles and profiting the machines get the highest possible productivity.
The burners of combustion system are chosen among the best available samples that consume the least fuel and have the most efficiency for combustion. The software controlling the process will make it possible to program each cart separately.
The rotation of the molds on these machines has been designed in a two axes way so that the thickness of the products can be so uniform. The rotation of the major and minor axes and also speed ratio can be programmed on the machine software for each cart. In addition, the software will make it possible to programme in order to produce multi-layer products and to change controllable parameters within the heating process. In comparison with other samples, the particular designation of the system for circulating hot air into the oven causes the heating rate increase and consequently the production efficiency improve as well. Using drivers to run the machine electro-motors helps reduce consuming electricity power to the lowest possible level.


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