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Tabarestan Farasanat Complex was activated in 2006. At that year, Tabarestan Plastic Complex decided to start a machine and mold manufacturing department to supply molds and machines for the production line. Formerly, the machines and molds of rotational molding industry used in existing production lines were provided by foreign suppliers or produced at a low technological level in Iran. Our motivation to manufacture high-quality machines and molds competitive with foreign samples has led to a new idea in R&D department of Tabarestan Plastic Complex to design and make the first automatic rotational molding machine in Iran. In 2008, this project came into operational phase from research one. In 2009 the first rotational molding machine with automatic control system and moving oven was made and operated by the engineering staff of the company. It was registered in Iran Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties as the first invention in manufacturing machinery of rotational molding industry, numbered 68619. Paralleled to manufacturing fabricated sheet metal molds, cast aluminium molds and machined aluminium molds were followed more seriously.


When the mold and machine department became more active and spread, the directors of TPC decided this department should work as an independent company so as to cover national, regional and international markets properly. Then, on an area of 2300 square meters, Farasanat was built and began to work. The range of the activities of the company includes manufacturing kinds of rotational molding machines, molds, and all side equipment and accessories of this industry such as systems for conveying raw materials, high speed mixers, equipment for mounting and fixing molds, clamps, frames, inserts, air amplifiers, insulated coverings of molds, threads, cranes, and so on.
At present, Tabarestan Farasanat Complex using the most advanced equipment and machineries with skilful human resources is working.


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